Jem Racing was founded in 1986 by Martin Johnstone. We were number one bookmaker at Poole Greyhound Stadium from this date until its closure in 2020. We have always had a reputation of laying a fair bet at a fair price. We are happy laying bets of all sizes.

We operate four shops in the Dorset area but it has been the telephone office that has seen the biggest increase in business over the past few years.

Our staff are regularly complimented on their friendly manner.

They are all sports enthusiasts and love to chat about sports and betting.

The majority of our customers have opened an account and stayed loyal to us over the years. We endeavour to price match another company where possible.

We take social responsibility very seriously at Jem Racing. As a provider of gambling services we are  aware of the social consequences of gambling. We want all of our customers to gamble responsibly and within their means and to enjoy the entertainment experience across all of our products. Therefore we will endeavour to put in place appropriate measures to protect customers and promote a responsible gambling culture. – Click here for more information.